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Increase your workflow!

Set your preferences, add users and divide them into groups with specific rights. That is how you start with Teampoint!


All users receive a personal login for their own dashboard.


Every user becomes part of a group.


Each group has rights that determine where the users have access to.



Inform all users of certain groups. This message is shown on the dashboard homepage.

Set the period

Thanks to the easy calendar function you can set a start and end date when the message can be displayed.


Improve collaboration with your team and optimize your workflow thanks to a well-arranged kanban display.

Visual view

Choose between the Kanban or list view to display your tasks. Make your tasks recognizable by using labels, priorities and statuses.

Assign tasks

Delegate easily by assigning tasks to team members. Warn them as soon as a new task needs their attention.


Add color to your labels to categorize and visualize your tasks.


Give feedback right away, ask questions or start the discussion in a task.


Everyone on your team knows exactly when and what to do thanks to 4 simple flags.


Get push notifications on all your devices with updates. So you don’t have to miss anything!


Set due dates and don't miss a deadline.


Add people as follower so that they stay tuned about changes


Add files to your task to keep everything bundled.

Recurring tasks

Automatically repeat a task after a period of a day, week, month, ...

User-friendly editor

Thanks to the rich text editor you can visualize the description of your task.


Make notes for yourself or work together so you can focus on what's important.

User friendly

No more individual apps to manage your notes. You have everything here, with a simple and interactive design.


Create infinite categories and organize your notes to find them faster.


Keep everything organized and work together with your team on a project which includes shared tasks, notes and contacts.

Project timeline

Thanks to the timeline you have a visual overview of your project highlights.


Improve the communication at work with your own company blog to take your business to the next level.


Approve news articles before they can be published. Editors must first receive approval before the news item will be published.


Thanks to labels you can add a category to news articles.


Plan every detail in one centralized space: event content, location information, RSVPs, food preferences, prices, transport and more.

Event visual

A nice image brightens things up, convincing users to participate and creating recognizability.


Add labels to your events and divide them into your own chosen categories.



Keep everyone informed with a simple step-by-step plan in an interactive way.


Provide a clean FAQ-page where employees can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. This reduces the workload of the HR department and ensures that everyone can work more productively.


Send users notifications to keep them informed of changes within the company or, for example, let them know that the wages have been paid

Company Information

Make sure that all your company information can be found in 1 centralized place.

General info

The location, contact details and billing information of your company.

History and vision

How did your company grow and what are the values, norms and vision of your company?


PowerPoint templates with pre-made elements, typography, images and colors are important for both internal and external communication.

Corporate identity, typography and logo

It's important that everyone uses the correct logo and corporate identity. You can upload and display this in this module for consistency within the company.


The corporate color scheme (RGB, CMYK, Pantone, foil, ...) must be respected in order to maintain the company's philosophy.


If you have baselines, we recommend to communicate guidelines that help your employees using them.


Organize all the information you want and need about your contacts in one place.

Share with colleagues

Share your contacts with colleagues.


Divide your contacts into categories.

Meeting documents

Record information of meetings with your teams thanks to the template of Teampoint documents. This template ensures that you have more productive meetings.


A standard template with all the important information about the meeting such as date, time, attendees, agenda items, ...

Action points